Royal Jelly contains all known amino acids (protein) and is the highest known form of acetylcholine per gram. The Pollen Man provides Royal Jelly that is unprocessed and totally organic. As a super food and natural antibiotic., as well as a strong source of acetylcholine and amino acids, Royal Jelly enhances the immune system. Taking liquid Royal Jelly by mouth  disinfects the throat and stimulates the immune system with each sue. Being 100% pure, Royal Jelly can also be used topically, on the skin, for medicinal and skin care purposes. Used on a burn, Royal Jelly numbs the pain and works to disinfect the area, form a skin coat, and rejuvenates the elastic tissue so while healing t the burn the scab doesn’t crack. Royal Jelly when eaten feeds the nervous system and produces energy and a calming effect in your body.

Royal Jelly

The pure form Queen bees would be eating if you weren’t.

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The average life span of a honey bee is about 40 days, except for the single bee selected to be a Queen. Living on a milky white glandular secretion called Royal Jelly, the Queen lives for 5 YEARS! For humans, the nutrients in Royal Jelly supply energy, alertness, and vitality. Royal Jelly is one of the world’s richest natural sources of pantothenic acid.

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Royal Jelly is an incredible nutrient and hormone-rich substance that modern science has not yet been able to analyze fully, much less duplicate. What we do know is that it is solely responsible for turning an ordinary worker bee into a queen bee. Queen bees start out genetically  the same as any other sexless worker bee. Once a bee has been designated the queen, a select group of worker bees called nurse bees begin to produce royal jelly. The nurse bees have specially developed glands that can feed the royal jelly directly to the developing queen. Even though they produce the jelly, nurse bees do not ingest it. The queen and only the queen feeds on royal jelly for her entire lifetime.

Soon after beginning this royal diet, the queen is quickly transformed into a much larger, superior bee. She reaches full maturity in about two-thirds of the time it takes a normal worker bee to mature, and will be 40% larger in size and 60% heavier in weight than her counterparts. While a worker bee will only live for a period of seven or eight weeks, the queen will live from five to seven years – forty times longer! Throughout her life she will lay approximately 2,000 eggs a day, with each batch weighing over twice her own body weight. All thanks to the royal jelly.

How Royal Jelly can enhance human health

Researchers have always been puzzled by the remarkable feats linked to royal jelly. Because of its very complex chemical makeup and the difficulties involved with collecting it and keeping  it stable, many of the amazing properties of royal jelly remain a mystery. No one disputes, however that even very small amounts can have a very positive and powerful effect on the human body.

In 1984, Dr. A. Saenz, a Uruguayan doctor at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, France, published one of the better research papers on royal jelly. The report,  entitled Biology, Biochemistry & The Therapeutic Effects of Royal Jelly in Human Pathology describes many of royal jelly’s medicinal uses, including the successful treatment of varicose veins and atherosclerosis, or clogging of the arteries. Oral ingestion of royal jelly changes the lipid/protein consistency in the blood., which lessens the chance of clotting and blockages.

Researchers have found that royal jelly can improve a variety of other medical conditions as well:

By acting on the cortex of the adrenal glands, royal jelly can help to correct abnormal sexual development problems.

It has been used successfully to re establish growth patterns in premature infants when al other therapies have failed.

It has produced weight gain and improved nutritional status in weakened convalescent adults. Some of the most dramatic cases have involved young girls suffering from anorexia nervosa.

Cases of insomnia, depression senility and menstrual problems have all improved from the use of royal jelly. (This is likely due in part to hits high content of B vitamins. Royal jelly is the richest source of pantothenic acid or vitamin B-5 which is known for its ability to reduce stress levels.)

Although there haven’t been many formal studies, I have reports of individuals who were able to eliminate the typical trembling associated with Parkinson’s disease by sing royal jelly.

Its effects on the immune system may help prevent cancer and stop tumor growth

Royal jelly is a known immunity-booster that has been shown to increase gamma globulin levels. This property may explain the results of an earlier study that demonstrated that a treatment of animals with royal jelly could completely inhibit the development o and growth of implantable tumors. In this particular Canadian stud at the University of Toronto, researchers followed more than 1,000 mice over a two year period. The results were very dramatic. In every instance, when mice received royal jelly and the tumor cells they always remained alive and healthy for the entire follow-up period of 12 months. When the mice wer given tumor cells without the royal jelly, all of them died within 12 days. [Can J Biochem Physiol 61; (36). ]

To get those positive results, researchers gave the mice the cancerous leukemia cells at the same time as the royal jelly. If the researchers waited until the tumors developed and then gave the royal jelly to the mice, the tumors continued to grow until they killed the mice.  To me, this interesting finding lends further support to the idea of taking royal jelly daily as a preventive measure instead of waiting for a problem to develop.

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