As a young boy, in 1961, I showed great artistic promise and attracted the attention of some of the finest painters and print makers of our country. I received scholarships to the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York City for 3 years. After high school, I was accepted at Pratt Institute of art in NYC, where I spent the next five years running long distance, painting and engraving, and completing my Masters Degree in Art. For my Masters I studied color and light and its various vibrational frequencies.

Being nutritionally minded, and a long distance runner, I realized how nutrients relate to color and light, and what this could offer humankind. I wanted to create a food that housed the full vibrational frequency of light from the sun. You see, different foods absorb different frequencies and repel others to varying degrees as do the pollen grains on different flowers. Realizing the nutritional pattern of absorbed and repelled frequencies, I collected some pollen from selected flowers and fruit trees that would yield a high protein, low sugar content, full of life, and containing every vitamin and nutrient known to science. Whenever the research institutes find a new nutrient, they first find it in pollen and then identify it in other foods, so the chances are, pollen contains all the nutrients as yet undiscovered and unidentified. Then I realized that the honey bee was already doing the collecting ,but all the pollen available on the market was being collected from agricultural farms and from a limited variety of crop field flowers. I searched and researched the world for the highest vibrational bee pollen I could find. I found it! The highest nutritionally, the best tasting, most colorful, the most organically pure pollen! My hive farms are in the pristine north of the Yukon Territory (The home of Sergeant Preston and King. ) , but the supply is limited. The bees collect it from trees and wildflowers, and over the last 20 years, I have sown the seeds of certain additional wildflowers to create a pollen mix for the bees to collect that is optimal for human nutrition.

I became known as THE POLLEN MAN in 1976 as I walked the streets of Portland, Oregon pollinating the people. Today my distribution network covers 10 states and 4 countries. (Not counting this Web site) My knowledge and love for what I do has increased over the years, and I am very happy. Making pollen and related bee products is my ARTWORK that I can share with people over, and over again. I still spend the time I can walking the planet, feeding people pollen, and helping people heal themselves in varying ways. My heroes are Johnny Appleseed and the Lone Ranger.

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The Pollen Man, David Forman

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