Propolis is created and used by bees to seal the entrances to the hive so that it becomes and remains a germ free environment. Which trees the bees collect propolis from corresponds to its specific antibody properties.  The Pollen Man provides propolis in pill or tincture form produced from White Poplar because these trees are known to produce propolis with the highest concentration of natural antibiotic. Propolis, available in pill form (1000mg) and tincture, is effective against bacterial diseases like ulcers and Candida. Propolis disinfects the stomach lining thus assisting in destroying the bacteria causing stomach ulcers, cleans the blood, and relieves symptoms  f sinus and migraine headaches. The Pollen Man also makes a propolis and Echinacea tincture using the full-spectrum Echinacea which contains all strains from the roots to the flower tops. This alchemy of Echinacea and propolis enhances the benefit to the lungs by increasing the penetration and absorption of the healing properties in the lungs more than the propolis alone does. These propolis tinctures kill bacteria on contact and are effective for various immune deficiency conditions like thrush, a severe throat infection resulting from immune deficiency that is common when HIV=. When a few drops of propolis are placed at the back of the throat, the pain subsides, the throat is coated and disinfected, and the immune system is stimulated to heal. These tincture come in dropper bottle. A dosage of ½ dropper down the throat 1-2 times per week when well and 2-3 times per day when ill of either tincture is recommended. Propolis and the Propolis Echinacea tincture produced by The Pollen Man is lead free (often propolis on the market contains lead which can be dangerous). Lab testing of the propolis from The Pollen Man is available upon request.

Propolis is a sticky substance collected from the leaf buds of trees which secrete it to protect and promote new growth. Bees use it to seal and protect the hive because it contains natural antibiotics and is antibacterial. Away from the tree, it hardens, so we have to soak it in alcohol to create a form useable for humans. Our propolis is 65% pure propolis and 35% 10 Grain Alcohol. The Echinacea we use contains both strains.

Propolis Dropper Bottle

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Hippocrates, the father of medicine, used a propolis salve in 400 BC to treat wounds. Propolis contains 500 times the bioflavoniod concentration of oranges. Its is antibiotic, antibacterial, and is known for its ability to stimulate human thymus activity and human immune systems.

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